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In wonderland

I'd rather not

We were eating some place. I started asking him “Do you [walk me home]?” and he said yes. He always walks me home.

Hmm… I asked him why he couldn’t tell me this face to face. He said “But do you even walk me home?”. I laughed. I put my arms around his neck and looked into his eyes. I was actually going to tell him what I felt for him when he laughed “you force me to tell it, that’s what you’re trying to do, you’re waiting for me to say it”. This happened two times at least. He walked me home but he still had time till his bus. We sat on a fence, and I was smoking. He said he tries not to do the mistakes he did before. That’s why he annoys me sometimes, he gets me mad. I told him I was sick of love games. He told me he doesn’t do it on purpose, it just happens, but he realizes that for a relationship to work, these things are necessary. I never thought he would think of how to make the relationship work.

When we said goodbye, I put my arms around his neck and looked into his eyes. He started again with how I was doing that because I was waiting for him to tell me he loves me.

I asked him if he could shut up for a moment, and he stopped talking.

And that’s when I told him…

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